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California Wildfires: At Least 5 People Dead and 33 Injured

These wildfires in California were caused by a heatwave and a series of lightning strikes in the northern part of the state.

Throughout the state more than 360 fires have ignited due to lightning strikes causing over 600,000 acres and 660 structures, including homes, have been destroyed and nearly 50,000 more are at risk of burning.

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Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated and at least five people have died. The death and destruction from fires so far this year is more than the total for last year.

According to a few global air quality monitoring websites, the air quality in the California Bay Area is worse anywhere, even places like India and eastern China.

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Cal Fire operations section chief Mark Brunton said that rescue officers made three nighttime rescues because people did not heed the warning to flee. He asked people to not put themselves or their rescuers in danger by not evacuating. He also said that because of these rescues, their already limited vital resources were pulled away when it could have been avoided.

Many are worried there will be a spike in coronavirus cases as many are fleeing their homes and staying at shelters or other places. One woman said that she refuses to go into the shelter for fear of the virus and has chosen to stay inside her car.

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Sheriff deputy Chris Clark said that depending on what happens with these fires it could be weeks before evacuees are allowed to safely return to their homes and properties.

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