BREAKING: Trump Signs Four Executive Orders this Morning

Saturday morning President Trump signed 4 Executive Orders to provide some relief to Americans struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic and shutdown. The orders were signed at the Trump National Gold course in New Jersey.

 Executive order | The Raging Patriot
Trump signing Executive Orders, photo from Fox News

One order was a $400 per week supplemental unemployment payment. The previous $600 payment expired in July.

He also talked about an extension for student loan relief and protection for renters and homeowners from being evicted.

He signed a tax break from now until the end of the year for all Americans making less than $100,000 a year and promised more relief to come in his second term.

Trump blamed Democrats for the halt in Congress for more coronavirus relief and said,

“Democrats are obstructing all of it, therefore, I’m taking executive action … and we’re going to save American jobs and provide relief to the American workers.”

President Trump, August 8, 2020
 The Oval Office | The Raging Patriot
Trump at the Resolute Desk, photo from washingtonpost.com

The President explained that states would be responsible to cover 25% of the $400 per week payments while the federal government will take care of the remaining 75% and that beneficiaries of this executive order will be seeing the money very soon.

There was a lot of contention from Republicans and Democrats on whether or not the weekly payment benefit should be continued at all and if so, how much. Many Republicans didn’t want it to continue at all and some said no more than $200 per week, while Democrats insisted on $600.

Not everyone is pleased with the payroll tax holiday that Trump signed this morning. They are worried about Social Security and Medicare funding being drained. Some Democrats are threatening to sue the President because he signed this order.

The President responded that anyone who would sue over this is someone who doesn’t want the American people to have money. And that if the suit carries out, it would be a “very unpopular thing”.

But many Republicans are in favor of the actions signed this morning. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) tweeted his support of the President.

 Waylon Lewis | The Raging Patriot
Senator Grassley Tweet