BREAKING: The Boston Marathon Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Death Sentence Overturned in US Appeals Court

The Ruling

The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston overturned the death sentence of the Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The bombings happened in 2013 killing three people and injuring over 260 others. A new trial is planned to determine the new sentence for the senseless killer.

 Boston Marathon bombings | The Raging Patriot

After a long hunt by the police, the terrorist was found and arrested. In 2015, he was tried and found guilty with 30 charges against him. The judges said, “Make no mistake: Dzhokhar will spend his remaining days locked up in prison, with the only matter remaining being whether he will die by execution,”

 Boston Marathon bombings | The Raging Patriot


Since when do we let terrorists off easy?

Having an appeals process is the epitome of American freedom, the Constitution, and the legal system in this country. If someone is falsely charged, by all means, they should appeal and get their life back. But there is no question at all, in any universe, that Dzhokhar was the bomber. He and his brother had every intention of killing every person in attendance at that marathon.

Murderers need to pay for what they did. It seems that the most fitting punishment would be to be stuck in jail knowing that the days you have to breathe are limited. Just like how he and his brother limited the lives of the three victims and drastically changed the lives of every person in attendance, whether they were injured or not.

 Sentence | The Raging Patriot

It was a mistake to repeal the death sentence. A monster like that doesn’t deserve to breathe.