Breaking: Shooter Taken Down Outside of White House – Trump Shows No Fear and Gets Right Back to Briefing

 United States Secret Service | The Raging Patriot

Reporter: “Did this rattle you at all, Mr. President?”

Trump: “I don’t know, do I look rattled?”

President Trumpís Coronavirus briefing ends abruptly due to shots fired near the white house. Only minutes into President Trump’s press conference a secret service agent whispered into the presidents ear and was pulled off of the stage. Secret Service has reportedly secured the scene most likely by lethal force, and the President is continuing to deliver his report.

Trump was mid-briefing when the incident took place. When he returned to the briefing room, he told reporters that the suspect was shot by law enforcement officials at the White House before reaching the premises. Trump told reporters he was not rattled by the incident.

“You were surprised. I was surprised also. I think it’s pretty unusual,” Trump said, adding, “I’d like to thank the Secret Service for doing their always quick and very effective work.”

 White House Press Secretary | The Raging Patriot

Trump provides good news concerning the virus stating that “We have secured enough Remdesivir to treat over 650,000 patients.” The President also reiterates an extension on housing eviction freezes declaring “Evictions will not take place during this. The virus is not their fault, it is the Chinese fault.”