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| On 2 months ago

BREAKING: Medical Examiner Finds that George Floyd Had “Fatal Level” of Fentanyl in His System

Filings against the former police officer involved in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis shows that a medical examiner found that there was a high enough amount of fentanyl in Floyd’s system to be lethal.

Hennepin County medical examiners office released details about his comments regarding the toxicology report on Tuesday. The report reads, “That is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances.” But the report did say there is a number of things that contributed to his death.

Dr. Andrew Baker said that if there were no other factors pertaining to his death and he had been found dead anywhere that he would have ruled his death an overdose.

In June an independent autopsy that was requested from his family said that he died from “asphyxiation from sustained pressure” and the attorney for the claimed there was no other medical issue that contributed to his death.

More details to come as the case progresses and findings are released.