BREAKING: Joe Biden Urged By Democrats NOT To Debate Trump

BREAKING: Joe Biden Urged By Democrats NOT To Debate Trump - 2020 Democratic Party presidential debates | The Raging Patriot
Joe Biden (sebgorka.com)

Joe Biden is not necessarily known for his ability to think quickly on his feet, let alone think at all. Over the past few months we have seen Joe Biden fumble his facts, and spew “word salads” more times than enough. From his sister being the love of his life to the famous declaration “We choose truth over facts!” Joe isnít the most eloquent candidate we have ever seen. What does this mean for the democrats?

Clintons White House Secretary Joe Lockhart came out with a whole piece on CNN a few days ago detailing how Biden could secure the presidency. Among other advice not debating Trump was a priority. Democrats are uncertain and unconfident with Bidens ability to look good head to head with President Trump. Quite frankly, you cant blame them. Biden is a self proclaimed “Gaffe machine.” These debates if performed, will very likely boost Trumps chance of a reelection.

We are all very aware that President Trump doesnt always choose the right words to say, however it is blatantly apparent that Joe Biden is far less competent and fit for office. The Biden campaign will likely hinge on Joes running mate. With the Democratic convention just two weeks away we are still uncertain who that will be. It is clear that Biden’s best strategy to office is to simply do what he does best and act like a corpse. Many Americans are fed up with the constant pressure and uncertainty in the country that they are willing to vote for anyone who does not reflect those things. It will be an interesting race for the office, and if the debates ensue it will also be very entertaining.