BREAKING: City of Dallas Shuts Down Young Americans for Liberty Event


It is never easy to please all parties involved in any situation and this summer has been no exception.  Protests related to Black Lives Matter have gone on for months in different areas of the country and received a lot of attention.  There are not a whole lot of other events that have garnered as much attention as BLM related protests and gatherings.  One such event in Dallas has been shut down before it even began.  Is it fair to allow BLM related events, but cancel ones that are more right leaning?


Earlier this week, “Mobilize 2020” was halted by the city of Dallas, Texas.  The event was being put on by the group Young Americans for Liberty, or YAL.  1,4000 college students were planning on attending and hearing from the likes of Rand Paul and Kristi Noem, among others.  


In an interview with the Daily Caller, YAL President Cliff Maloney aired his frustrations about the event being canceled.  He said that his group complied with everything that the city of Dallas asked of them in the weeks leading up to the event. Maloney also says that the city waited until students were en route to the event to decide to cancel it through what is called a force majeure order.  Samantha Renck pointed out that perhaps this is a political double standard since protests have still been allowed within the city.  One of Maloney’s more striking points from the interview is when he said,  “I have to blame some political bias here and call out the fact that it’s just hypocritical.”  He also goes on to say that the city was putting many restrictions on the event to align with social distancing measures and that he felt Dallas was trying to make them cancel because of the restrictions.  


The argument about a double standard in the city of Dallas is easy to make in this situation.  It’s unfortunate that not all viewpoints are allowed to be expressed within the city.  


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