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BREAKING: Big Tech Censorship of QAnon

Social Media, in general, has been taking massive steps to sensor anything false” or more accurately, conservative. Twitter has led this attack on free speech, even going so far as banning President Trump’s campaign. 

Twitter is now taking another stab by banning and deleting all accounts or links dealing with QAnon. They are claiming that this action is to keep people safe and to “protect the public conversation in the face of evolving threats.” This includes all URLs even associated with QAnon.

QAnon is known as a conspiracy theorist (or more likely a group of conspiracy theorists) who has been very pro-Trump. This group, while originally small and mostly ignorable, has spread across all platforms and become a fairly well-known theory. The “Q” of QAnon is the original informer and said to be a higher-up on Trump’s staff. This group believes that Trump will soon reveal the deep state and involving politicians and celebrities. They believe this goes as far back as JFK’s assassination.

Twitter said that: “We will continue to review this activity across our service and update our rules and enforcement approach again if necessary.”

Celebrities are praising this decision, claiming that it will reduce some of the cyberbullying that they have received. However, if QAnon is right, these are the same celebrities who will soon be exposed. 

Over 7,000 accounts have been suspended and there is likely to be around 150,000 more in the upcoming weeks. Even discussing the topic of QAnon can lead to permanent deletion or suspension. 

“It is not an ‘opinion’ to call people pedophiles who rape and eat children,” Christy Teagen, one of the celebrities who claim to have been attacked had to say after a twitter user claimed that this censorship was a “communist tactic to silence free thinkers.”

If an individual is indeed cyberbullying, then there is no doubt that the account should be suspended. But sharing theories, whether far left or far right, should not have consequences. This is a serious danger to free speech. 

If only certain movements, ideas, and theories are being censored, then it is not for protection, it is for control. 

Twitter might be having an opposite effect then they intended as news of this has seemed to pique the interest of man people who have long been skeptical of the government. 

Whether right or wrong, the outlaw of free speech and thought will do nothing but harm our country. 

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