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BREAKING: 17 Year Old Kyle Rittenhouse Charged With Homicide After Defending Himself Against Rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin

(“Revolt TV”)

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, from Antioch, Illinois was arrested and charged with homicide on Wednesday after firing at and killing two people during the violent protests in Wisconsin. The protests in Wisconsin followed the shooting of Jacob Blake, 29, on Sunday. Several days of violent riots had passed before the shooting.

The Antioch Ill. resident had travelled to Wisconsin to join a small militia that was assisting police protect the city from the violent displays seen that week; he had also been seen cleaning graffiti from buildings on Wednesday, hours before the shooting. The same night another man was shot in the head; this enticed the violent mob to pursue Rittenhouse.

Several recordings show Rittenhouse running from protesters and falling to the ground. The protesters then attack the fallen teenager, one protester even tries to jump on Kyle. The teenager then fires in self-defense, hitting one attacker then a second then a third; two of the attackers were killed and one was wounded. Kyle then approaches police with his hands above his head.

The teenager was arrested back in his resident state and is now facing extradition from Illinois. The violence displayed this week urged President Trump to send federal law enforcement to Kenosha, WI “to restore LAW and ORDER!”. The fourth night of protests was a lot smaller and relatively peaceful although vandalism and graffiti were still displayed.

Kyles act of self-defense has been seen as an act of violence, and the protesters act of violence has been seen as peaceful opposition. Once again the actions of radical leftists has ruined a teenagers life. The only solution is to stop the riots and protests.

The violent riots around the country have only brought more violence. Several officers have been killed, many of which were Black. Several innocent lives have been taken, and now the rioters have enticed the law abiding citizens to use force. If these violent displays continue, then there will be many more stories such as this one.

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