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Black Lives Matter Riots Continue to Burn Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Riots Erupt in Kenosha, WI

The riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin entered their second night with widespread violence and domestic terrorism. The riots were sparked after the Jacob Blake incident two day prior.

Jacob Blake was shot by an officer after disobeying lawful orders and running away from police who had their weapons draw. The officer only shot after they attempted to tase him, but then he ran and reached into his vehicle giving the police a probable cause. Jacob Blake already had a warrant for his arrest and in previous encounters was violent to police. Online court records indicate Kenosha County prosecutors charged Blake on July 6 with third-degree sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse. An arrest warrant was issued for Blake the following day. The speculative motive for him running away and into the car seems to be avoiding arrest due to the active warrant. Jacob Blake was transported to the hospital and is in critical condition. Sources close to Jacob Blake reported that he is paralyzed waist down but alive.
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Riots Devastate Local and Black owned Businesses.

Many opportunists of the tragedy took to the streets and didn’t disperse when the 8 p.m. curfew went in place. The rioters burned many local businesses including a few dealerships. Many cars were burned down in small dealership Car Source. A lot of the local business that were supporters of BLM were not spared and also looted and destroyed. These damages will likely destroy the livelihood of the small business owners. It is very devastating to these small business owners who were already suffering economically due to the lockdowns of COVID-19.

Rioters Allegedly Out of Town

The riot police used tear gas, pepper spray and other measures to try to stop the riots. The riots however continued and have spread to Los Angeles, New York and the Wisconsin State capital. The Democrat Governor of Wisconsin had to send int the National Guard to help contain the riots. Many locals are in disbelief and overwhelmingly blame the riots on outside groups. As local resident Porche Bennet told Reuters, “It’s people from out of town doing this. We’ve been shopping there since we were kids and they set it on fire”. This seems to correlate with Antifa and their tactics.

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The national discussion continues on the alleged “systemic racism”. Even the democrat Wisconsin governor perpetrated this falsehood of systemic racism. While the shooting is a tragedy, it doesn’t give people the right to destroy the city and livelihoods of hundreds of other residents. Even Jacob Blake’s family called for an end to the violence and only peaceful protests. “We will not excuse the actions of the Kenosha Police department, but his mother asks everyone to please remain peaceful,” tweeted Blake’s cousin, Pauly.

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Riots to Continue into 3rd Night

As the City of Kenosha is focused on cleaning up the aftermath of the violent radical left, many fear the violence will continue into a third night. It was announced also that more National Guard troops will be called in as the riots continue. The fires from the riots destroy many buildings and shows the importance of having guns. There were a few businesses being protected by armed citizens that were never destroyed.

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