America’s Most Famous White Supremacist Richard Spencer Endorses Joe Biden

Richard Spencer speaking at Texas A&M

Richard Spencer, one of America’s most famous white supremacists, has come out in support for democratic nominee Joe Biden. In his words, “liberals are clearly more competent.”

Biden spent more trying to pander to the black community that his racist history was overshadowed by white guilt. However, he’s made very little change since bragging about passing the extremely harsh 1992 crime bill.

Biden, running on a ‘white savior’ platform has started to sound more and more like a white supremacist. When Joe was on the campaign trail, he stated that “poor kids are just as bright as white kids.” He also said earlier this year that the Latino community is diverse “unlike the African American community.”

Modern day “wokeness” and racism are one in the same. However, many racists will openly admit their condition. The woke crowd is heading down the same path but hidden behind a wall of seemingly good intentions.

Biden’s campaign disavowed the endorsement, calling what Spencer stands for “absolutely repugnant” and that his support is “10,000% unwelcome here.” Even if Biden doesn’t support Spencer, Spencer still supports him. This just goes to show what kind of people are in Joe Biden’s audience and applauding every racist thing he says.