All Across the Country Riots are Ensuing and Several Mayors and Governors Have Not Called for the Violence to End – Sign This Petition if You Think Every Elected Government Official Allowing the Chaos to Continue Should Resign Immediately!

Destruction, burning, looting, riots, and unrest are all over the country. This chaos has been allowed to continue because of spineless government leaders refusing to do their jobs and cowardly bowing down to the mob.

Because of the incapability of leaders in cities and states in America there has been countless property damage, theft, and several people have been severely injured or lots their lives.

This has resulted, in thousands of Americans losing their businesses, jobs and livelihoods due to the domestic terrorist of ANTIFA and BLM.

The riots across the country in Democrat ran cities have also resulted in the innocent beatings, killings, and rape by rioters.

It is time we hold our politicians accountable for their betrayal to their oath of office!

Sign this petition if you think every elected government official allowing the chaos to continue should resign immediately!

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