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6 Democratic Mayors in Minnesota Endorse Trump For President

-Minnesota Mayors endorse Donald Trump

6 Minnesota Democrat Mayors have voiced their support for Donald Trump’s presidency in an endorsement letter read at a campaign rally speech. in Duluth, MN with Mike Pence. They are Virginia Mayor Larry Cuffe, Chisholm Mayor John Champa, Ely Mayor Chuck Novak, Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson, Eveleth Mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich, and Babbitt Mayor Andrea Zupancich.

The Minnesota Democrats wrote:

“Like many in our region, we have voted for Democrats over many decades. We have watched as our constituents’ jobs left not only the Iron Range, but our country. By putting tariffs on our products and supporting bad trade deals, politicians like Joe Biden did nothing to help the working class. We lost thousands of jobs, and generations of young people have left the Iron Range in order to provide for their families with good paying jobs elsewhere. Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party. It has been moved so far to the left it can no longer claim to be advocates of the working class. The hard-working Minnesotans that built their lives and supported their families here on the Range have been abandoned by radical Democrats. We didn’t choose to leave the Democratic Party, the party left us.”

Residents in rustbelt states like Minnesota have seen the destruction of Democrat policies affecting their cities, mostly job loss. Which explains why Donald Trump was able to win the states of Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016 with his rhetoric of bringing factories/jobs back to the United States.

 Donald Trump’s First Rally After RNC

Minnesota has not gone Republican in a presidential election since 1972 with Richard Nixon’s victory. In 1984, an election that Ronald Reagan won handily, Minnesota was the only state in the country he lost. His opponent, Walter Mondale, was a Senator from Minnesota and had enough home support. 

Donald Trump lost Minnesota in 2016 to Hillary Clinton by only 1.5% of the vote. With this major shift in the Midwest and more democrats supporting Donald Trump, there is a good opportunity for him to flip more states red this upcoming election. 

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