1 Crucial Lesson We’ve Learned About Socialism from the Pandemic Lockdown

Some Facts

The Census conducted weekly surveys form April to July asking if households had enough food to eat.

The Wall Street Journal reported on those numbers saying that more Americans are going hungry during the pandemic. Reports from July indicate that about 12% of adults lived in households without enough food to eat at some point in the previous week (of when the data was collected). Nearly 20% of Americans with children couldn’t afford to feed their kids enough food. That number was almost 17% at the start of June.

 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic | The Raging Patriot
Phoenix College prep St. Mary’s Food Bank; photo from wbur.com

Food banks say that they have seen an increase in demand for food in the last few months during the pandemic. According to the Department of Agriculture, the number of people on food stamps has also increased. From March to April that number increased by almost 16%. They say that increase was far more rapid than during the 2008 recession, where the highest increase in one month was 7.3%.

They also say that numbers are expected to rise as the $600 weekly stipend from the government for unemployed workers is set to end soon. Democrats want the stipend to continue set at $600 while Republicans want to spend much less money. President Trump wants a flow of money to continue.

What Happened

At the start of this pandemic, the whole country shut down. Schools halted in-person learning, switching to online, leaving classrooms vacant. Restaurants closed their doors leaving empty tables. Workers, if they were able, had to switch to working from home.

Slowly, restaurants began to reopen but not at full capacity, because the government told them they couldn’t. Children couldn’t go back to school because the government said it wasn’t safe. Businesses closed permanently because the government told them to stay closed.

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Empty classroom, photo from nypost.com

These closures happened because the government told businesses that they should close down, but with no end in sight. Employers had no way of knowing how, or if at all, they could support their employees so they were forced to downsize. Without any income, families struggled and couldn’t afford to feed themselves and their children, or to pay other bills as well. Resulting in them turning to the government for aid.

That struggle is still present. American workers are unable to provide for themselves, and their families, so they have to turn to the government for help. With higher taxes on individuals and businesses, citizens will struggle to support themselves and companies may have to close their doors because they can’t keep up with the financial red tape. With those taxes, people will be laid off and struggle to afford their needs and will have to turn to the government.

What We’ve Learned

With the government in control of people and businesses, people will go hungry. Look at any socialist country (Cuba and Venezuela for example) where the government is in control of businesses. The people are starving and the country is in shambles, all the while government officials live blissful lives and the citizens are left to suffer.

Turning Point USA production team went to Cuba to document the truth of living in a socialist country. The truth will shock you. Video credit: Turning Point USA, YouTube

Higher taxes and federal incentives lead to a cycle of government dependency. Socialism thrives when citizens allow the demands of a corrupt government to realize.

If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic lockdown, it’s that the government cannot be allowed to tell businesses how to run their companies or citizens where they are allowed to go or what they can do.

From this pandemic, we’ve learned that no one can survive under socialist rule (which always turns to communism) and we need capitalism not only to survive, but to flourish.