Young Mother Murdered for saying “All Lives Matter”

Shot In Front of her Fiance

In Indiana, a young woman was shot in front of her fiancé after arguing with Black Lives Matter protestors. During the argument both sides ended up taking out their guns, which backed the BLM protestors down. However, the shooters stalked her and her fiancé after the couple left the BLM protest. The shooters waited for her to be under the St. Clair Bridge before they murdered her from a distance.  There should be nationwide outrage since this is a clear hate crime unlike Bubba Wallace’s whole NASCAR noose incident. However, there isn’t and probably won’t be any sympathy from the left or the mainstream media. It can be said that stating the truth in 2020 can get you killed. No matter how hard the media with try to support the narrative of the BLM organization as only being peaceful, they will fail. The BLM movement is built on Marxist revolutionist ideals and violence. In order for the true realization of making sure that black lives and really all lives are not suffering police brutality, the BLM organization would need to stop existing. They promote and instigate racism because without racism their organization has no reason for existence.

 Indianapolis | The Raging Patriot
Jessica Doty Whitaker with her fiance (left) and son (right)
image source: gunmemorial.org

BLM Doesn’t Think All Lives Matter

Jessica Doty Whitaker was only 24 when the violent BLM thugs took her life because she used her first amendment right of free speech to state the obvious fact that “all lives matter”. She was taken away from her child and fiancé ruthlessly. No one should be shot in front of their loved ones. BLM protestors don’t think all lives matter because they took hers. The organization is at blame just as much as the shooters because of their hate and rhetoric towards anyone that opposes their totalitarian Marxist ideals. This is why standing up for true equality and reason has been under attack in the United States. Anyone that states “all lives matters” has been labeled a racist by the leftists. It is very un-reasonable and nonsensical. All lives matter while the recent promotion of certain groups based on color is in fact racist. This all led to the tragic story that happened in Indiana.

 Killing of George Floyd | The Raging Patriot
Violent Black Lives Matter Protestors
image source: Daily Express

Spread of Violence

All the protests and defund the police movements have led to an increase in violence. The increase in murders and crimes in major cities is through the roof. The democrat mayors and governors are being exposed for their incompetence. Yet they still push for defunding the police. Which has led to hundreds of police resigning all over the nation due to the danger of being targeted and unable to police. With less policing, the violent and radical left are feeling empowered to attack anyone that supports conservative values. There are many speculations about another recent death of Jesse Ousley, who is a gay Hispanic American that supports Trump. Although the death is still under investigation, it is a very suspicious death. There are many hate crimes that are being committed in the US against anyone that wears a MAGA hat or speaks the truth.

 Fall River | The Raging Patriot
Jesse Ousley
image source: Fall River Reporter

Necessity to Speak Up and Share.

The murder of Jessica is the most startling due to the clearly hate-motivated-murder it is. However this story is barely is making the media waves. No one, left or right should ever be murdered for their opinion or facts. This is why during these treacherous times everyone should invest in a gun to protect themselves. More importantly, the silent majority needs to start speaking up to the radical left to stop them in their tracks. The radical left’s goal is to get as many people on their side through a perceived just cause, guilt, fear of cancel-culture, and other manipulative ways. This is why this story is important and needs to be shared. Probably shared just as much as the George Floyd videos. The left and its movements must be exposed for what they truly are: Violent Marxist Revolutionaries. Don’t forget Jessica Whitaker’s name. Don’t forget David Dorn. Don’t forget all the officers being ambushed and killed since the BLM protests started.

 Speech | The Raging Patriot
Speak Up against the Radicalization of the US by the Left.
image source: knudge.me

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