With Democrats doing everything in their power to destroy American history and its values, President Trump is the only Person Standing in the way of Socialism/Communism Destroying our Great Country! Sign This Petition if you Would Support President Trump Being added to Mount Rushmore!

In a time where the radical left is destroying our country both figuratively and literally, American patriots need to come together and unite for one of our greatest challenges yet. Over the course of the past few years, the Democrat party has completely changed their position on practically every issue, ranging from the border wall to now supporting post-birth abortions, all in an attempt to hurt the President.

The radical left Democrats support economic crippling tax cuts, business killing regulations, and more recently, the destructive riots across our country. Durring the riots a couple of weeks ago, practically every high level Democrat and Fake Media outlet supported the “protests” and prosecuted anyone who opposed their destructiveness as racist.

Prior to this, the Democrats enforced endless lockdowns that kept Americans from work in order to expand their power (especially in states such as New York, California and Michigan) in order to use “vote by mail” in order to rig the upcoming November Election. Now that the riots are over, you would think the Coronavirus issue would be over, as every Democrat supported mass riots across our country, but you would be wrong.

The Democrats are now trying to pursue their “second wave” narrative that was some how not caused by the mass riots, but instead caused by Americans going back to work. Now we are at a point where everything needs to be renamed, all statues must be destroyed, and all monuments must be removed in order to erase the Democrats history.

Unfortunately for the Democrats there is one person who cannot be bought and only works for the American people, this of course is President Trump. In a time where America faces one of its biggest challenges yet, America has a leader who will not back down to anyone and is the only person who can save our country.

If you would support President Trump being added to Mount Rushmore, then sign our Raging Patriot Petition below!

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