William Barr Testifies to the House about the Violence that many Democrats think is a Myth

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image source: Huston Chronicle

William Barr Hearing to Show how Violent the “Peaceful Protesters” Are

In a House Judiciary Committee hearing this morning (7/28) Attorney General William Barr is set to give clear evidence of how the federal agents were vital in protecting US citizens and protests against, “Violent Rioters and Anarchists who hijacked legitimate protests.” Barr’s main message was is the disconnect of the recent protests and rioting from the initial goal of police reform. The current objective of the rioters seems to be tearing everything down. As Barr states, “Largely absent from these scenes of destruction are even superficial attempts by the rioters to connect their actions to George Floyd’s death or any legitimate call for reform”. This is definitive proof that the BLM isn’t doing or standing for their initial objective. Democrats continue to back BLM even as they perpetrate socialism and Marxism.

Democrats Support the Rioters

In a recent impromptu interview, Jerrold Nadler stated that he believed the violent rioters/Antifa are all just a myth. This is part of the left’s narrative that these protests are peaceful. Any violence that occurs is justified as snapping back against the “systematic oppression”. The other justification that they claim is that the police get violent first and the protestors retaliate. This is far from the truth as many live streams and videos show the police holding a line and then some rioters will attack them with burning items, bricks, and other things. In response, the police would move up and arrest a few rioters. The police’s main goal ever since the implementation of Operation Legend is to protect all the federal buildings and landmarks. The rioters and Antifa’s attempt to burn down the federal courthouse wouldn’t have achieved any progress in the fight for police reform. William Barr’s hearing hopefully shows Nadler and other Democrats that there is a true threat to US democracy. The threat being the self-proclaimed Marxists and rioters.

The Need for Bipartisanship Against Violence

This violence perpetrating on American streets is something both parties must come together to stop in order to start working towards police reform. Millions of dollars in damage are occurring and the Democrats with their mainstream media turn a blind eye. “As elected officials of the federal government, every Member of this Committee – regardless of your political views or your feelings about the Trump Administration – should condemn violence against federal officers and destruction of federal property,” Barr says. “So should state and local leaders who have a responsibility to keep their communities safe. To tacitly condone destruction and anarchy is to abandon the basic rule-of-law principles that should unite us even in a politically divisive time.”

As much as the left tired to push the idea of the protests being peaceful, they haven’t been successful. Most democrat voters also want the violence to stop. The media’s blatant support for the rioters has led to the violence perpetuating further. President Trump stated that the Media is the enemy of the people and it seems so on this issue. Due to President Trump’s tough stance, many of the violent protestors have been arrested. The rioting has been on a steady decline since the implementation of his Operation Legend that William Barr directs. Once all the rioters are under custody and LAW and ORDER are in place, great police reform will happen.

Watch today’s House Judiciary Committee with William Barr here: