Who Is America’s Biggest Disgrace, Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi?

#AmericasGreatestMistake is number four trending on Twitter right now. Don Winslow produced a video slashing Trump’s response to the coronavirus. The video says that if schools were to reopen in the fall that he would be killing American children. It named members of the Trump Administration “Ministers of Propaganda” with photos and video of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the President’s counselor Kellyanne Conway, and Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Birx.

Next, it blames the unemployment rate on the President, when actually it is the prerogative of the employer to terminate. It said that because of Trumps response to the coronavirus millions are without work. Trump played a roll in the unemployment rate by adding millions of jobs to the country, but Trump wasn’t the one telling employers to lay off their employees. That is straight propaganda. If the country hadn’t shut down, which it never needed to, Americans wouldn’t be without work.

Then the video slandered local and federal law enforcement and the military calling them “secret armies” and lying about how they came into American cities to “beat peaceful protesters”. Fact Check: police cannot engage with civilians until violent and illegal activity occurs. They do not go and incite the violence themselves, their job is to respond and stop it. To say that all the police went to harm citizens is completely false. Let’s make something clear, the VAST majority of police officers are good men and women. Sure, there are a couple of bad people, but it is nowhere near what the MSM paints it to be.

The video goes on with disinformation and smearing the President and the American people.

The video is completely propagandistic. Facts and truths were twisted to falsely show that Donald Trump is America’s enemy. So who really is “America’s Greatest Mistake”?

Could it be Nancy Pelosi when she ripped up President Trump’s State of the Union address? Or maybe it was when Pelosi pursed an impeachment hoax with zero evidence and rushed the trial in just 12 weeks. Maybe it was when Pelosi passed out pens when she signed the articles of impeachment as souvenirs and then decided to hold the articles of impeachment for a month because she wanted more power in the senate trial.

Perhaps it was Hillary Clinton as the entire world burned when she was  Secretary of State? Maybe it was Hillary’s corruption, making tens of millions of dollars off of the Clinton Foundation.

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