URGENT POLL: Should the 2020 Election be Delayed?

Trump tweeted this yesterday:

 LaSalle Ishii | The Raging Patriot

Mail in voting is dangerous. There is proof from several states in the US of fraudulent voting. Covid is still looming as a deadly threat and there are ways to safely conduct our day to day business-like voting-without mail in ballots or a delayed election.

If we can all stand in line with our groceries wearing masks then why can’t we stand in line at the polls with masks on? That is a question for the Democrats and the President to answer.

There are ways to go about this election safely. One idea is to extend the in person voting time to a month long so that people have plenty of time to get into the booths and mail in voting doesn’t have to be used at all-except in the case of absentee ballots which are different.

To read more about the danger of mail in voting read here:

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