URGENT POLL: Should ‘Black Lives Matter’ be Considered a Domestic Terrorist Organization?

Over the last couple of months, we have seen riots in nearly every major US city caused by ANTIFA. Within these riots, cities burned, work places were destroyed, people were beaten, and people were killed at the hands of cowards.

ANTIFA has been largely responsible for these mass riots and crime sprees, and will be added as an official domestic terrorist organization. Although I at first believed that ANTIFA was solely responsible for the destruction, and were the ones who showed up at BLM protests to cause havoc, I now believe that the organization as a whole should be designated a domestic organization with ANTIFA.

In recent weeks, the founders of BLM have admitted to being trained marxists. BLM also wants to dismantle our police departments and our political system as we know it. BLM wants a socialist nightmare for our country and if you are white, you are automatically designated privileged and racist.

BLM wants destruction not unity. In every riot across the country, BLM was also there. Although I do not believe all members of BLM are bad people that want to cause violence, I do believe many do, and the organization as a whole is casing mass violence alongside ANTIFA.

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