URGENT POLL: President Trump has Recently Stated that Students Across the Country NEED to go back to School this fall, Do You Agree?

With Democrats continuing to hold our country and economy hostage in a pathetic attempt to influence the 2020 election, President Trump has repetitively stated that he supports students across the country returning to school this fall.

One such statement was made in a recent interview with Chris Wallace from FOX News when President Trump said “Schools have to open, young people have to go back to school and there’s problems when you don’t go back to school too”

Furthermore, President Trump threatened to withhold funding from schools that didn’t open when President Trump said “when they don’t open their schools, we’re not going to fund them we’re not going to give them money” in the same interview.

It is very clear from the very beginning of this virus that the Democrat party has used this virus as a means to expand their power and to push their political agendas.

One such agenda is their attempt to rig the election with mail in ballots, and the other is to cause a recession in an attempt to hurt President Trump in November.

Fortunately for Americans, we have a leader who is standing up for the American people, and wants Americans to go back to work and back to school.

If you are tired of the Dems using this virus as a way to keep our country hostage until the election and want to see our schools re-open this fall, then vote in our Raging Patriot poll below!

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