URGENT POLL: Are the Democrats and Mainstream Media Responsible for the Current Division & Violence in America?

The left and Fake media are convinced that President Trump is responsible for our countries problems, one such example is #TrumpsAmerica is number 4 trending on Twitter right now.

Criticizers on the left are tweeting videos and pictures of riots, looting, and burning across the country saying that this is “Trumps America” and blaming him for the hatred plaguing the country right now.

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When Boris Epshteyn said that it would be Biden’s America, he meant that if Biden were elected president America would be burning constantly. Michael Cohen retorted that it is currently Trump’s America because it’s happening right now. But Cohen is mistaken. The phrases “Trump’s/Hillary’s/Biden’s/Obama’s/Sanders’ America” refers to the vision that that person has for the country.

When Trump got in the race he made his intentions clear: TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Many who attack President trump have been in political power for decades such as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, and are the true cause for division.

President Trump has been in politics for less than 4 years and the country was already divided long before taking office, so why has the division peaked in recent months? The answer is simple, President Trump is not controlled by the swamp and when he says “Drain the Swamp” he means it.

This scares the establishment greatly as President Trump has uncovered corruption that was never supposed to see the sun of day, the biggest being spy gate where President Obama and his administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign. Furthermore, President Trump has uncovered Obama Gate where President Obama and his administration (including Joe Biden) unmasked a political opponent, President Trumps soon to be National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

As a result the media and the establishment are fighting harder than ever before to stop President Trump from uncovering the truth behind the swamp. This is why the press is always negative and attacking the President.

What are your thoughts, who is Responsible for our countries division? Vote now in our Raging Patriot Petition below!

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