URGENT POLL: Do You Still Stand With President Trump?

Despite the endless attacks by the fake media and the Democrat party, President Trump has acheived more accomplishments then many presidents do in two full terms.

From lowering taxes, to mass deregulations, President Trump created the greatest economy in American history with the lowest unemployment numbers in virtually every category prior to the coronavirus. While the Democrats want to keep Americans unemployed and cause a recession, President Trump and the Republican party are getting the economy restarted and under President Trump’s leadership, our economy will be back bigger and stronger than ever before.

President Trump has also followed through on his promise to rebuild our great military and take care of our amazing vets. President Trump has restocked our military, and got veterans ‘veterans choice’ for their healthcare, something that is saving lives.

President Trump also passed the right to try for dying patients. This is something that has been in talks for years but under President Trump did in turn into reality.

President Trump has also seen large portions of his border wall completed, and by the end of the year we will see nearly 500 miles of a secured border wall. President Trump has also seen a mass increase in human trafficking arrests, a crisis that is largely ignored by the fake media.

In this upcoming election it is no longer a vote between two parties, but rather a vote between two ideologies. One loves our country, heritage and founding principles where the other hates our country, believes we are all racist and wants socialism/communism.

The choice is clear, who will you be voting for this upcoming election, and do you still stand with President Trump? Vote now in our Raging Patriot poll below!

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