Under Bill de Blasio’s horrible leftist policies, violent crime in NYC has skyrocketed. Sign this petition if you demand Bill de Blasio resign immediately!

15 people were shot within 15 hours in New York City and in the past few weeks, gunshot wounds and deaths have not been any better than that. On Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new plan to control the recent spike of gun violence in the city, he says by focusing on community outreach.

De Blasio said that there were will be an increased NYPD presence at key locations on more than 20 streets as well as Cure Violence groups to help de-escalate conflicts. This of course doesn’t make much sense considering this is the same NYPD that he is defunding.

De Blasio was responsible for his Bail Reform Act that has led to a massive increase in violence. Furthermore in a time where there is a massive increase in crime, you would think De Blasio would be focused on reversing his polices that caused the violence? Wrong, he joined BLM and wrote “Black Lives Matter” outside of Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.

De Blasio has been nothing but a disgrace and his polices are leaving all New Yorkers at risk for their lives! If you demand that De Blasio Resigns immediately then sign our Raging Patriot Petition below!

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