The Most Outrageous Mask Laws

2020 has been a year of changes and one such is the wearing of masks. Many would say it is improper to leave your home without a mask. Many say masks are useless. Regardless, many states have decided to mandate them. While patriots across America claim this is unconstitutional, the fact remains and some states have some pretty strange and strict policies.

Some states, such as Washington state, has made it clear that businesses are not allowed to serve those not wearing masks. This is concerning. The idea that the government can tell you who you can and cannot serve is a dangerous road to go down.

“Businesses serving the public must require employees to wear face coverings and strictly enforce the requirement and refuse to serve patrons not wearing masks. 

Washington’s Mask Law

New Mexico went out of it’s way to say that masks must be worn while exercising. Once again, they say that gyms must deny access to those not wearing a mask. Is wearing a mask while partaking in vigorous exercise safe? Why should a sate be able to mandate who gets to partake in services that members have already paid for?

“Individuals are required to wear face coverings while exercising. Gyms and fitness centers must require patrons to comply with the requirement.”

New Mexico Mask Law

Many States have made previsions for children, not mandating them for children under a certain age. Several states have gone with school-age, stating ages six and up are required to wear masks. Getting elementary-age children to keep a mask on will prove difficult in itself, but other states have taken it to ane even more extreme.

The states of Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois require masks for children 2 years old and older. This is an outrageous demand as anyone who works with children would know. Children this age struggle to keep their clothes on in public, it would be near impossible to keep a face covering on them. These are mandated not only in stores but simply in leaving the house. You can not take your child on a walk in a stroller without first putting a facemask on.

Mandated face mask laws are concerning when mandated by the government. While a business has every right to refuse patrons without a mask if they so choose, the government can not tell a business who to serve and who not to serve. Once the government makes it cear that certain people are not to be served, it’s easier to make more. We are heading down a path that could end in the government telling business to not service certain genders, races, or religions. Right now it is masks, what will be next?

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