SpaceX Files with FCC to Possibly Launch Starship / Superheavy Rocket More Than 12 Miles Above Texas Test Site

SpaceX has been working hard over the last year to develop their new Starship launch vehicle to transport people to the moon, Mars and even other places on earth in record time.

Although SpaceX currently builds and launches their Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy Rockets to launch satellites, cargo and now people to Space, Starship will be much larger and will be 100% reusable, unlike the falcon rockets that are partly reusable.

SpaceX has been developing their new upcoming rocket in Boca Chica Texas for the last year and have made significant progress. Although the last time we saw a flight from this site was with Starhopper which flew 150 meters or nearly 500 feet last August, the SpaceX team has developed multiple full scale iterations of Starship to develop faster and better building techniques.

SpaceX is now up to SN5 or serial number 5 on the launch pad, we have previously seen the destruction of MK1, SN1, SN3, and SN4 so SpaceX enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see a flight test.

SN5 is expected to do a 150 meter or nearly 500ft test flight in the next week or so, and now SpaceX has filed with the FCC to do a 12KM or a 12.5 mile high test flight between August 18th and February 18th.

This comes after first learning about SpaceX’s plans to begin developing Super Heavy (first stage booster that will carry Starship to space) a few weeks ago and we are already seeing the development of a new structure on site to build this massive booster.

This is a very exciting time for the space community and for mankind’s quest to explore the solar system! What are your thoughts on SpaceX’s progress and development of Starship and Superheavy? Comment below!

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