Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have been censoring conservative users for their political views & religious beliefs. Now that the election is just months away, the level of censorship is hitting unprecedented levels. Sign This Petition if you Demand Congress to pass Legislation Holding These Platforms Accountable for Their Actions!

Social Media censorship aimed at limiting the reach and influence of conservative users is nothing new, however with the 2020 Presidential election just months away, these big tech platforms are taking their bias against conservatives to unprecedented levels.

Social Media platfroms have been censoring conservatives for years by limiting a users reach without actually telling that user for years, this is known as “shadow banning”. When a user is shadow banned, their post engagement will drop drastically, their follower count begins declining, and their overall reach drops to near zero (reach is how many people see your post that do not follow you, this could be found in ‘insights’).

Social Media platforms will also ban users without any warnings, I have personally had two conservative pages banned totally over 180K lost followers without any reasoning. The worst part when this happens is that there is no way to physically talk with anyone who works with these platforms, so you will lose your page and can’t do anything about it.

In recent months, social media platforms no longer try to hide their censorship, with their new “fact check” they take their bias to another extreme. Fact check is done by a private company that will mark your post as “false”, or “partly false”, then proceed to give a ridiculous reason as to why the post is fake, when in most cases it is not.

With social media censorship at an all time high, it is up to us (the American people) to hold these big tech companies accountable for their actions. If you are tired of these big tech companies interfering with our elections, then sign our Raging Patriot petition below!

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