Sign This Petition if You Support School Choice and Demand a Better Educational System for American Children!

School choice has become a big topic in the last few months. Conservatives are advocating for this important reform to the American education system. While liberals are saying that school choice won’t solve the problem and will keep underprivileged schools underprivileged. Conservatives argue that it is the exact opposite.

Having school choice will allow for families to make the decision of where to send their child to school. With school choice, families will no longer be bound by a zipcode.

Without school choice, the government will dictate where children are going to school and parents will have no voice in deciding where and what their children are being taught. Not having school choice is the government telling parents, who know their child and their child’s needs far more intimately than any government policy maker ever could, that they don’t actually know what is best for their child and parents lose control over what values and principles are being taught to their children.

That is absolutely backwards. For more information on this important topic watch the video below with education expert Corey DeAngelis interviewed by Allie Beth Stuckey.

If you want better educational resources and opportunities for students and families, as well as better compensation and resources for teachers, then sign this petition below and demand school choice!

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