The Fake News Media & Democrat Party are trying to defund the Police, it is time to come together to Defend the Police! Sign This Petition If You Back The Blue And Demand They Receive More Funding!

Ever since the tragic and uncalled for death of George Floyd the demands to defund and disband the police have gotten louder every week.

But the movement BLM seems to be rather self-contradictory. They claim they are speaking up for black lives and other minority groups. Reports show that police are most vital to those communities.

In fact, Mayor Bill de Blasio was recently asked about 15 shootings in a 15 hour time span and he said that they would send more law enforcement to that area.

So then, why dissolve the system that is designed to protect them? Perhaps there is something much bigger at play here?

The radical move to defund the police which will clearly increase crime (already seen in NY) is likely done to influence the 2020 election, just like the media and Democrat party are keeping Americans unemployed in order to hurt Trump come November.

If you Back The Blue and demand police receive more funding, which will improve the department and better equip officers, then sign this petition now!

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