SHOTS FIRED: Anti-Police Thugs Attempt Murder At Demonstration

SHOTS FIRED: Anti-Police Thugs Attempt Murder At Demonstration - Demonstration | The Raging Patriot

How much longer will the citizens of the United States put up with this? On June 29th in Provo Utah an anti-police protest turned out to be everything but a protest. In the video you can see that this mob is surrounding vehicles and putting the drivers into a no win situation. They can either sit there and get destroyed, or they can put the pedal down and get out of there.

It seems apparent from the video that the driver was doing his best to move slow enough to not hurt anyone. This results in him being shot. In the video above you can see the thug with his mask on. He pulls the trigger which hit the driver who later went into surgery and is now in stable condition. A total of 2 shots are reported to have been fired at this scene. The second round was shot as the driver attempted to escape and the bullet broke the back window but missed the driver.

Provo Utah?

Yes you are reading this correctly, the extremely conservative state of Utah is enduring far leftist protests just like many of the places in this country are. Provo Utah is a major college town with two Universities within 10 minute drives of each other. This provides around 75,000 students within this area.

This city is one of the safest places in the country. You have to ask yourself if you are as safe as you think you are where you live? We are starting to see these demonstrations move towards suburban neighborhoods, are Americans ready to defend their land and their property? This mob is dangerous and will not surrender unless they are met with force. Defend your land, defend your family and defend your Country. Everything is at stake and it is up to Patriots everywhere to save us from this Marxist agenda.

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