Senator Hawley Accuses Nike and NBA of Profiting from Slave Labor in China

Senator Hawley Accuses Nike and NBA of Profiting from Slave Labor in China - China | The Raging Patriot
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In this day and age we are used to hearing big corporations lecture Americans on the dark past of Slavery. We are used to hearing about equality and fairness from nearly everyone. Do we as Americans get to lecture these big corporations back? Finally, a senator with the spine to stand up to these big corporations has emerged. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri stated, I would challenge the NBA, Adam Silver, all the endorsers of Nike products like Lebron to take a pledge that they will be slave free, that they will not use in their product lines slave labor. This is a bold move considering he is going after some of the biggest powers in America like the NBA and Nike.

Slave-Free Business Certification Act

Senator Hawley has proposed a new piece of legislation called the Slave-Free Business Certification Act. This act will discourage the use of slave labor in foreign countries. Inside the bill, it will require regular audits to occur and will make CEO’s of companies in charge of ensuring their supply chain does not include any form of slave labor. If a company fails to fulfill these standards then there will be sharp penalties.

These, among other requirements, will ensure that no company in the United States is profiting off of forced labor of any kind. This is something that needs to brought to the forefront, yet the NBA and Nike seem to always find a way out of this conversation. If Senator Hawley’s bill is put into law, it will require U.S. Companies to face the consequences of their inhumane business practices in China and other places.

What about Hong Kong?

The NBA is being very supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement. Their support of that group is expected, but what about another market where the NBA is fairly large? Currently the people of Hong Kong are under siege by their own state and the NBA could not be more silent. Lebron James is often criticized for his silence on this issue. If these people are so for freedom and equality, why can’t they even speak a few words against the communist take over of Hong Kong?

The answer to that question is simple, the NBA and Lebron James make way too much money to criticize China. They know that China gets offended easily and will ban the NBA if they speak ill about them. If they are the moral leaders they claim to be, shouldn’t human rights come before money? The lesson we learn here is that money is more important to these people than human rights. They will only speak up when it is convenient for them to speak up. If what was going on in China was going on here, we would never hear the end of it. It is time for the NBA and Nike to start practicing what they preach, because we are sick and tired of the lies.

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