Record High Number of Gun Sales in the US — Let’s Keep It That Way

Record Highs

According to government data from March, more than 3.7 million firearm background checks were conducted. This is a 20-year record high. 2.4 million of those background checks were for gun sales. Almost 1.2 million background checks were completed in a single week.

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The amount of firearm background checks from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System is a good substitute estimate for gun sales in the US. However, a citizen can buy several firearms with one background check, so the number of background checks is not purely indicative of the number of firearms purchased.

Data shows how gun sales have skyrocketed despite the pandemic. Many gun stores became overwhelmed by the number of customers buying guns, some of which were first-time gun buyers.

210,308 background checks were conducted only on March 20, which broke previous records for numbers of background checks in a single day. Background checks are also conducted for other things like for an American to have a concealed carry permit.

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Constitutional Right

Democrats keep forgetting The Second Amendment, “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed”. Newsflash to Pelosi, Beto, Bernie, Biden, and all the rest of you anti-freedom people, that means you CAN’T take them away!

Firearms are vitally important to living freely and safely in America. Without them, countless innocents will die because they were left defenseless. If we haven’t the right to protect ourselves, we haven’t the right to anything else. The first and second amendments go hand in hand. Everyone has the privilege to speak their mind, but as we see every day in this country, not everyone will take so kindly to our words. It is also a right to defend yourself, and it’s been proven time and time again, a firearm is the best, quickest, and SAFEST way to do that. Guns are the only equalizer.

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As much as the left wants to take away our guns and disarm the citizens, they’ll have to put up quite a fight to get them from us. It doesn’t seem like the democrats are aware of this, but we Americans are quite fond of our guns. So, why don’t they come and take it and see what happens?

Owned by Turning Point USA, Published: November 27, 2019


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