Rachel Maddow Reaches, Trump Teaches

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Rachel Maddow – MSNBC

Rachel Maddow has nightmares at night when she dreams of a v-shaped recovery. Her and many others at MSDNC pray at night that the economy will tank so that Donald Trump is toast when the election comes around. On her show on Wednesday she laid out her prediction for the jobs report and she told us to expect it to be very bad. The expectation was that we would gain around 3 million jobs in the month of June so I don’t really know what Ms. Maddow was reaching for here.

4.8 Million Jobs

Following the shocking May jobs report, the Trump Administration announced that 4.8 million jobs were added in the month of June which is an incredible number. It is important to note that these numbers are only possible due to the jobs lost during the lockdowns, but this is now two months straight with numbers shattering expectations.

The Left wants us to fail

Bill Maher has been a cheerleader for a recession to occur so when Covid-19 hit, we all know this man was happy about it. Imagine wanting your own nation to fall for partisan reasons. What is it about Trump that makes the media and the left so mad? It is becoming more clear now than ever, he is a threat to the status quo. So people like Maher don’t care if millions of Americans have to suffer, as long as they get their way politically.

Americans need to remember who is cheering for success and accomplishment this election. It is time to forget the corporate media, they don’t have our best interests in mind. If Donald Trump can find a way to make this election focused on the economy he will find success. It is obvious that deregulation opened up a world of opportunity for businesses. This is why Joe Biden must not win or we will go back to the Obama era policies.

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