MORE DHS ARRESTS MADE: How Far Should the DHS be Allowed to Go?


There has been a lot happening with the Department of Homeland security recently.  There are currently many agents in Portland, Oregon and more are likely to be sent to other cities.  President Trump has faced backlash from a lot of sources because of this.  What is currently happening?


This topic stems from what has been happening lately in Portland, Oregon where protests have occurred for almost sixty consecutive days.  Federal agents were recently sent in to help ease tensions, but appear to have done the opposite.  Portland’s Governor, Kate Brown, says “that she believed that the protests were starting to ease before the federal officers waded into the scene” (Olmos).  While a lot of the protests in Portland appear to be peaceful, there have been some instances where this is not the case.  To go along with this, there have also been agents in unmarked vehicles taking protestors away.  Also, agents from other sections of DHS have apparently been deputized to assist in Portland.  This has caused backlash because some of these agents are not seen fit to deal with protests because they are not trained in that area.  


President Trump has highlighted other major cities that he deems need help as well, places like Philadelphia and Detroit.  While he is only mentioning other cities, the President plans to take action and send federal agents to Chicago.  Chicago’s Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, feels that if the President wants to assist in the situation then “he could boost federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives resources and fully fund prosecutors” (Pratt).    Mayor Lightfoot, who disagrees with President Trump’s plan to send federal help to Chicago, believes that he will try and help make Chicago safer.  She is calling for him to help with things like gun safety reform and investing more in community development for certain parts of Chicago.  


President Trump is targeting Democratic run cities for federal support.  Many have called his actions and statements in regards to this a political move.  It will be interesting to see what happens in Chicago.


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