Missouri Governor Will Pardon Armed Couple if Charged

Guns St. Louis couple waved at protesters given to police | KMOX-AM
Photo from kmox.radio.com

The Governor of Missouri will be pardoning the McCloskey family if they are charged with a crime. This news comes forth after some shocking actions have been taken by the DA of St. Louis. Many, like me, are wondering why is this couple even being investigated in the first place? What crimes did they commit? Do they have the right to bear arms or do they not? The fact that they have had their weapons stripped from them make you wonder if we are starting to lose the second amendment. This family’s property was overrun with radical arsonists, would you have protected your property?

Joe Biden’s campaign has indicated that they would have Beto O’Rourke play a big role in their gun policy. In Joe Biden’s America, what has happened to this couple could potentially happen to anyone. If you wield your weapons in self defense you could be charged with a crime even if you don’t fire the weapon. There are plenty of moderate Democrats in this nation who are pro second amendment, could Donald Trump capitalize on this radical left wing agenda to sway some moderates?

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