Lesbian Couple in Ontario Canada are Denied Service From a Videography Company

Ontario couple Kelly Roberts and Mallory Arthur have been preparing for their wedding. Roberts emailed the videography production company Caramount Pictures, based in Brantford owned by Ian and Cara Hamstra, about hiring them for their day.

Roberts received this email back.

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Email from Caramount Pictures. Screenshotted and posted to social media by Kelly Roberts

Kelly posted a screenshot of the email to social media and since then lots of outrage against the refused service has flooded the internet. Many people have left negative comments on the company’s Facebook page and website leaving their ratings to have dropped to one star, forcing the Hamstra’s to take down their website.

In an interview with thestar.com Kelly said, “The fact that she didn’t even try to mask her homophobia…in writing-I think that was the shocking part. Her fiancé, Mallory continued and said, “The fact that she didn’t try to mask it just shows that it’s such a normal thought for her to have.

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Kelly Roberts and Mallory Arthur

Kelly and Mallory also said that this isn’t the first time they have had trouble with planning their ceremony. They said they found an officiant on Wedding Wire and when they met the man, he said he couldn’t do what they needed because of his religious beliefs.

Their disappointment is understandable, it can be hard enough planning a wedding. But to say that Mrs. Hamstra acted homophobically may be going to far. Since the Hamstra’s have not said anything about the incident it is unknown why they refused service. But if the officiant can deny service based on a religious belief, shouldn’t the production company owners be able to deny on that same basis? Of religious or otherwise personal beliefs?

Kelly and Mallory also said they want to “compile a list/website/hub of LGBTQ+ owned and/or supportive businesses in the Woodstock and surrounding areas to help couples support businesses with views that align with their own.”

If Kelly and Mallory want to use services that align with their views why can’t the Hamstra’s work with customers that align with theirs?

Do businesses have the right to refuse service because of their own religious or personal beliefs?

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