Leftist Indoctrination Camps: Harvard Faculty Less Than 2% Conservative

Leftist Indoctrination Camps: Harvard Faculty Less Than 2% Conservative - Harvard University | The Raging Patriot
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It has been common knowledge that Universities are extremely left leaning, yet we never really have real numbers. A new study of Harvard showed that less than 2% of the faculty there identifies as conservative. Universities are supposed to be a place where new ideas are found. We are sold the idea that these schools are some of the most diverse places on earth, but is that really the case?

At Harvard there is nearly a 99% chance that your teacher will be moderate democrat to far left liberal. The 1% of conservative teachers must have a very difficult time with their fellow employees. This is an issue that needs attention, if we don’t start encouraging diversity of opinion we will develop into a group think ideology. We are already seeing that as an overwhelming majority of young adults have extreme liberal views.

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What Is Diversity?

We hear a lot about how universities having quotas to make sure that they have sufficient diversity at their schools in terms of students of all nationalities. What seems to be missing at schools is diversity of opinion. Which form of diversity is more important? I would argue that diversity of opinion is much more important than diversity of color. How is it okay that students are only getting one opinion shoved in to their heads for 4+ years? Isn’t this considered indoctrination?

It is clear that conservatives are silenced all over the country at schools, whether it is teachers or students. It has become so bad that if an individual is even moderately conservative, they could be labeled as Hitler. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the far left politics will be mobbed and attacked into silence. Is this the kind of environment that we want at our schools inside the United States? How can we expect anyone to come out of college as a republican if all they are taught is that conservatives are evil racists?

Penn State Deletes Tweet That Acknowledges Conservative Voices

You would think that this is not controversial at all. It goes through and tells many different groups that they are important. Yet our universities are so unhinged that if you even consider a different viewpoint, outrage will follow. The worst part about this is that the school caved into the mob and deleted the tweet. Every time anyone bends the knee to these social justice warriors they are only empowering them to cancel more people. Why did Penn State cave to this mob?

Conservatives are being put in danger everywhere simply because they think differently. This is simply a case of leftist indoctrination in our youth and it has to be fixed. Donald Trump recently tweeted about this and has a solution to this problem.

URGENT POLL? Should We Defund Schools that are Leftist Indoctrination Camps?

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