Joe Biden Proves to be a Formidable Threat to President Trump this Election Year

Well folks, he did it. Joe Biden really really did it.

He’s pulled off a victory that even he didn’t see coming.

Just kidding he didn’t.

 Doublelift | The Raging Patriot

This isn’t the only time Biden and his supporters have produced such a low turn out. In the past few months any stop on the campaign trail has shown that American’s do not support Joe Biden. But is that surprising at all? Who would want a president that called them fat, a liar, or a dog-faced-pony-soldier?

 2020 Trump Tulsa rally | The Raging Patriot
Biden Campaign event, June 17

The only thing that Trump has to worry about though, is the debates. Joe really is a well spoken man, it would be hard even for a kindergartner to keep up. Let’s face it, the man is ill. He needs to go home.

We wish you well Joe! Now let us fix the country and we’ll Keep America Great!

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