Ilhan Omar has Recently Stated that she wants to “Dismantle” our Economic & Political Systems. Sign This Petition If you Believe Ilhan Omar Should be Removed From Congress and Charged with Treason for Betraying her Oath of Office!

Ilhan Omar is once again in the spotlight for trying to destroy everything that makes America Great! Ilhan Omar is not new to being in the negative spotlight, she has repetitively made racial comments against Israel and is a part of the “squad”.

However this time, she isn’t be criticized for racial statements, but rather for expressing her desire to destroy the economic and political system as we know it. Her reasoning for why she would want to dismantle our great capitalist system is because she doesn’t like the people who benefit from our economic system and become rich, despite the same system lifting more people out of poverty than any other economic system in the world.

If you think Ilhan Omar’s latest comments break her oath of office and should force her to be immediately removed from congress and potentially charged with treason, then vote in our Raging Patriot poll below!

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