How Democrats Lost Their Own Party

The Democratic party has had a long rich history filled with ups and downs. The Democrats have been known for their great influence on the American culture. This is because of the predominately left media, Hollywood, and colleges. Over the past 10 years we have seen the party get more and more extreme in its ideals. This is not only a cause for concern among conservatives, but has even caused moderate democrats to jump ship. Why has the liberal party taken a turn towards extremist, and in some cases socialist values? It all comes down to who’s in charge.

 Democratic Socialists of America | The Raging Patriot

The Democratic party has been losing steam over the last 20 years. The party has indeed gained a zealous group with extreme values. We will call these leftists. Over the years leftists have been a minority within the liberal party, however a trend has formed in favor of the leftists. According to history the leftist ideas that are unpalatable even for democrats at the time are excepted as mainstream liberalism 5 years later. The relationship between the leftists and the liberals exists simply because they need each other. The liberals need the passion of the leftists and the leftists simply need the numbers from the liberals.

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The political separation between the two is fairly easy to draw. Liberals believe that American systems such as capitalism simply need to be reformed. In contrast leftists believe they must be destroyed. The thing the liberals are starting to notice is the leftists have been growing exponentially within their party. Democrats meet many of the demands of leftists to keep their support, however the leftists seem to no longer be reliant on the democrats. Could there be a shift in power? This question is most easily answered by looking at the 2020 race for the democratic nomination. Sanders was able to gain traction very quickly, and for a season was most likely to gain the nomination. This alone shows the shift in power within the democratic party. Want to test this theory yourself? Look at extremist leftist ideas, wait a few months, and see if they are still considered extremist within the democratic party.

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