Hey Twitter, Here’s A Fact Check: People Do Indeed Like Trump

#NobodyLikesTrump has been trending on Twitter today. Hating President Trump is just that, a trend. One day, when Trump is out of office the people who slandered, smeared, hated, mocked, and tried to destroy him will one day wish he was still in office.

This hashtag is quite the opposite of what a large majority of Americans would say despite what the media wants and tries to get people to believe. And one thing IS clear: President Donald Trump loves America!

 Conservative Political Action Conference, 2019 | The Raging Patriot

President Trump really is the people of the President. Whether people like his tweets or not, many would agree that the President having a direct line of communication with his citizens is a very good thing. He can speak to the country whenever he needs to and have it be purely from him.

The list of things Trump has done for the country does not stop short. Promises he made on the campaign trail have been kept or are in progress to be completed. Over 500 miles of the wall on the southern border has been built. More than 4 million jobs have been added. Lowest unemployment rate across every demographic. Great strides with prison reform – The First Step Act. Creating the Space Force to be the 6th branch of the Armed Forces. And many, many more great accomplishments to better the lives of every American.

Among Republicans there is a 91% approval rating and it seems that more and more Democrats and others are taking “The Red Pill” and switching to the right. Even a few elected Democrats switched parties when Nancy Pelosi tore up the President’s State of the Union speech.

 United States | The Raging Patriot

So, Twitter is once again wrong, but that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Big media is hard at work to get Trump out of office, but America will prove once more that the silent majority is ready to take our country back and we’ll do it loudly. Trump2020!!

Trump Passes Biden in Approval Ratings, 52% - United States | The Raging Patriot