Hate Crimes Against Christianity Rise on the Daily

Whether it’s a physical hate crime or a verbal attack, Christians are feeling hate across the country. Christian houses of worship are being destroyed and members are being attacked for their faith, even for faith guiding their politics.

Property Damage

In several cities across America, Catholic churches have seen several counts of damage and graffiti of church property. Here are only a few examples:

On Friday, June 10 a statue of Mary was vandalized at Cathedral Prep School and Seminary in New York around 3 am.

The San Gabriel Mission in California was found ablaze and firefighters responded to the call at nearly 4:30 am on July 11.

Someone set fire to the Queen of Peace church in Ocala, Florida early Sunday morning July 12. Police found that a car had crashed into the front of the church while people were inside. The narthex was then lit of fire after being doused in gasoline. The suspect fled in the same crashed vehicle, they were later arrested, and thankfully no one was hurt.

In Boston, the statue of The Blessed Mary at St. Peter’s Parish church in Dorcheter went up in flames. Police are investigating the arson and the report states the flowers in the statue’s hand were lit, causing the face and upper body to burn.

And during protests in Washington D.C. the historical St. John’s Episcopal Church was burned. This church is also referred to as “the church of presidents” because it has served as the chapel to the White House for almost two centuries. Every president since James Madison have worshiped there one time or another during their presidencies.

Many have said that when Trump went to the church to pay his respects to the building, the history, and those mourning the loss of their gospel home, that he did it for political purposes. They say it was all a stunt. One opinion piece from the Washington Post said that Trump desecrated “the character of St. John’s church” and that it was a “foul” political display. How shameful of that columnist to say such a gross assertion. How shameful for them to say that Trump, himself a Christian, only went to the church of presidents for a political show, and that he couldn’t have possibly gone out of respect and mourning for the historical and holy building.

Verbal Attacks

While on air, Don Lemon said “Jesus Christ…admittedly was not perfect when He was here on Earth.” No, Mr. Sour Lemonade, Jesus was perfect, that’s why He is the Savior of the world! While on earth, Jesus did experience temptation, but because He never acted on the temptations that is one way that Christ was perfect. None of us are perfect, but we strive to be like Jesus. We try everyday to be like Jesus because he is the ultimate PERFECT example.

 Don Lemon | The Raging Patriot
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 08: Don Lemon attends the 13th Annual CNN Heroes at the American Museum of Natural History on December 08, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by J. Countess/Getty Images

Dave Wester called evangelicals “gullible” and “hypocrites”. Hypocrites? “For turning our backs on God” as he stated in his letter on Madison.com on June 27. Could it be, that Christians support President Trump because they feel his values and goals for the country align with the gospel? Gullible? Really? To be gullible is to be duped. The truth isn’t a trick.

He also said, “Anyone who believes that a man can spend three days in the belly of a whale and come out alive, or who believes that all the land mammals, birds, reptiles and insects in the world could somehow cross oceans to board and live for six months on a relatively small ship with a 601-year-old captain, where predators do not eat their prey, anyone who can believe such fables is well-primed to be a Trump follower.” Dave Wester has zero understanding of the Bible, Christianity, and more importantly God and His infinite all-capable power. We support the man, we don’t idolize or worship him.

He concluded with, “They may also go down with his ship.” Well, he’s right! Patriotic Christian Americans will do anything to keep this country alive and preserve the rights and freedoms beautiful USA was founded on, that includes dying for our country and our God.

Leftist Logic #381

According to Leftist Logic, if you support President Trump and are a Christian then you aren’t a “real” Christian. Hmm sounds a lot like when Biden said, “if you can’t figure out if you are for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”. People just love it when others tell them who they really are and how they should think and act.

Well actually, according to Leftist Logic if you are anything and support Trump then you aren’t actually that “thing”. If you are gay, religious, black, or human and you support President Trump, then you aren’t actually gay, religious, black, or human. It’s so sad that people have come to hating other people so much for believing what they believe, supporting who they support, or doing what they do.

Dear Christian Friends,

If you support President Trump and are also a Christian, or any faith for that matter, and people are telling you you aren’t a “real Christian” because you are “abandoning your church values” to support the president, forget them. If they are saying it isn’t a “Christian value to support President Trump” say back to them “it also isn’t a Christian value to judge others”.