Failed NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Helped Paint “Black Lives Matter” Outside of Trump Tower, is it Time we Paint “Make America Great Again” Outside of his Home? Sign This Petition if You Want to See This Happen!

Failed NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has once again disgraced his great city of New York by helping paint “Black Lives Matter” on 5th Avenue outside of Trump Tower. This comes after announcing that he will be defunding the police in NYC, the same police departments that saved thousands of lives and lost many of their own to save Americans on 9/11.

Furthermore you would think De Blasio would be more concerned with the huge spike in violent crimes as a result of his Bail Reform Bill, but of course like every other Democrat politician it’s all a stunt to get re-elected and make the President look bad.

If you think it’s time to get back at De Blasio by painting “Make America Great Again” outside his home, then sign our Raging Patriot Petition below!

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