Dave Portnoy Interviews President Trump in Down To Earth Interview

Dave Portnoy Interviews President Trump in Down To Earth Interview - David Portnoy | The Raging Patriot
Trump and Portnoy During Their Interview

Dave Portnoy, the president of Barstool Sports, had a very human to human conversation with the President this week. While watching this interview, I kept thinking about how real both these guys seemed. It wasn’t your usual Fox News or CNN interview, it was simply two guys talking about important issues. I encourage everyone to watch the full interview below.

How do we heal the divide?

This was a question that Dave asked the President that really caught my attention. President Trumps answer was simple, success is how we heal the divide in this country. Donald Trump believes that the divide was beginning to heal as the economy boomed and unemployment numbers were reaching record lows week after week. I tend to agree with this idea, is there really any other way to heal this divide other than helping as many people prosper as possible? What if the economy is the key to the healing this country needs? This is a major question that we need to look at heading into the 2020 election.

We need more of these down to earth interviews

This conversation shows you the human side of Donald Trump as well as Dave Portnoy. The media is always labeling Donald Trump with nasty words that it starts to take away from him his humanity. We all need to realize we are humans, regardless of our politics. This interview really shows all of us that Donald Trump isn’t some wild and unhinged man that everyone on the left wants us to see. Seeing things like this truly makes me realize how much the media controls how we view other people. A lot of the time, the way we see these big name people is nothing close to the truth. I think the more Donald Trump does these types of interviews, the more that the public will see past the deceit of the corrupt media.

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