CNN’s Cuomo Claims Herman Cain Died By Contracting COVID-19 at Tulsa Trump Rally

Friend of the President and former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain died at the age of 74 yesterday, July 30, after combating the coronavirus.

 Herman Cain | The Raging Patriot
Herman Cain

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was quick to give his opinion on Cain’s death, saying that Trump is responsible because he held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma which Cain attended. But it is unclear if that is where he contracted the virus or somewhere else.

Trump is not responsible for the death of Herman Cain. Trump held the rally but he did not force any of his supporters to go, including Cain. They all made that choice on their own to attend.

However, there are people responsible for the deaths of dozens of people within the last few months. Every democratic mayor or governor who did not swiftly put an end to “peaceful protests” turned riots that have ensued all across the country. Riots over police brutality and whatever else the SJW’s have found to tick themselves off that day.

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It is a citizen’s right to protest. Keyword: protest. There is a large difference between a protest and a riot. A protest is supposed to be peaceful, aimed to get a message out, relatively quiet, non-destructive, and most definitely non-violent. But protestors have absolved themselves from blame because it is their “right to protest”. Yes, that is right, they have a right to protest. But, they have no right to destroy, steal, attack, or kill anyone. Protests across the nation are anything but peaceful.

So no, Chris Cuomo, President Trump is not responsible for the death of Herman Cain, it’s a terrible thing he died, but in no way is Trump directly or indirectly responsible for his death.