BREAKING NEWS: St. Louis Couple Charged with Felony for Defending Home

 Mark McCloskey | The Raging Patriot
Couple defending their lives and property. Image Source: Fox News

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis Couple who defended their home from a violent mob were charged with Felony unlawful use of a weapon. The Statement from the Democrat St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner claimed “it is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at those participating in nonviolent protest.”

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Offical Statment of the Charges. Source: Democrat Attorney Gardner

Inital Incident. Violent Mob.

The initial incident took place on June 28th, when roughly 300 protestors broke into a private gated community. The McCloskey couple were then seen emerging from their home and ordering the protestors to leave the private property. The breaking in to the private community in it of itself is criminal trespassing, along with property damage (vandalism). The Democrat Prosecutor claims to “pursue equal justice under the law fairly and impartially”, but has issued no charges on the protestors that broke the gate, and criminally trespassed. Claiming the protest as peaceful is contradictory to the videos which showed the protestors verbally threatening the couple and breaking through the gate to trespass onto the property. This is not impartiality.

 Kimberly Gardner | The Raging Patriot
Democrat Prosecutor of St. Louis who charged the couple.
Image Source: Spectrum News

Missouri Governor Backs Couple

Yesterday we reported that the Missouri governor promised to pardon the couple if they get charged. There is no response at the moment from the Governor. President Trump also voiced his support for the couple, claiming they used their 2nd amendment rights to defend their property. President Trump noted that if the McCloskeys hadn’t defended their property with guns it could have turned out worse than a broken gate. The 2nd amendment rights are under attack. This couple even had the guns confiscated as part of the Prosecutor’s “investigation”. An outright infringement of the 2nd amendment on law-abiding citizens.

President Trump Defends St. Louis Couple. Source: Washington Post

The Law Supports the McCloskey Couple

The prosecutor and many on the left claim that the pointing of the guns is illegal. However, self-defense laws allow the usage of force against any threats to life and property.

Missouri recognizes the “castle doctrine” and allows residents to use force against intruders, without the duty to retreat, based on the notion that your home is your “castle.” This legal doctrine assumes that if an invader disrupts the sanctity of your home, they intend to do you harm and therefore you should be able to repel their advances.

[Sources: findlaw.com/ Missouri statutes: Section 563.031 (use of physical force in defense of others), Section 563.041 (use of physical force in defense of property), Section 563.033 (battered spouse evidence for self-defense)]
 Second Amendment to the United States Constitution | The Raging Patriot

Democrats Confiscation Policy

Even without these statues, the 2nd amendment supports the actions the McCloskeys took. They showed force to prevent any escalation. These charges by the Democrat Prosecutor are part of an ongoing partisan effort from the left to take away weapons and the right to defend property and lives. Patriotic Americans realize the importance of the 2nd amendment and protect it from an overreaching government and the Democratic Party.

 Beto O'Rourke | The Raging Patriot
The Democrat Party New Platform Policy. Gun confiscation.

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