BREAKING NEWS: Gunman kills the son of Federal Judge Presiding over Epstein case. UPDATED!

 Esther Salas | The Raging Patriot
Federal Judge Esther Salas. Image Source:Newsbreak.com

A shooting occurred last night at the US District Court of New Jersey Judge Esther Salas’s home. A gunman reportedly dressed as a FedEx driver came to the door and killed the judge’s son, Daniel Andrel.

The Son who was killed by the unknown gunman was only 20 and had a future in law. Judge Salas was at home during the shooting but not with her son and husband when the door was opened. She sustained no injuries as the gunman fled. Her husband, who was standing behind the son also was recieved mutliple wounds but is in a stable condition at the hospital. The shooting is currently under investigation by the FBI and US Marshals. The motive is currently unknown. Judge Salas was appointed in 2011 by President Obama to the district court position.

 Jeffrey Epstein | The Raging Patriot
Jeffery Epstein has deep ties to the Deutsche Bank. Image Source: Fox Business News

Four days ago she was assigned the Deutsche Bank case. The class-action lawsuit by Ali Karimi and other investors against the Deutsche Bank and its ties to Jeffery Epstein. Jeffery Epstein reportedly money laundered through the Deutsche bank for his criminal actives. Like many elites, and deep state figures, Epstein had deep ties with the Deutsche Bank.

Anyone with information about the shoting please call the FBI if you have relevant information at 973-792-3001.

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More news to follow.

UPDATE: According to police, the gunman committed suicide.

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