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| On 3 months ago

BREAKING: Big Tech is Censoring Front-line Doctors Message about a Treatment to COVID-19

By Braydon Peterson

There is a battle that has been brewing and now seems to be boiling over this week. Today the FDA announced that “Hydroxychloroquine is not an effective treatment for COVID-19.” This seems odd that the FDA would somehow announce this a single day after a group of doctors did a press conference and declared that they know a cure that has worked on their patients and it included Hydroxychloroquine.

We have been witnessing a sweeping censorship of the press conference from the Doctors who declare that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective way to treat COVID-19. Twitter and Facebook are labeling this as misleading and potentially dangerous information. Why do you think they are censoring this video? See what the doctors had to say in the video below:

If this twitter video is taken down you can watch it here at this link

Donald Trump Jr. Suspended by Twitter for Pushing the Video

Braydon Peterson

Student at Utah Valley University studying Information Technology. President of Students for Trump at UVU. I am on a mission to inform my generation that socialism is not the answer to our lives.