BREAKING: Antifa Mob in Portland Blind Police Officers

BREAKING: Antifa Mob in Portland Blind Police Officers - Presidency of Donald Trump | The Raging Patriot

Protests in Portland spiral out of control as woke warriors blind federal agents with high power lasers. Amidst the civil unrest and criminal activity in the country President Donald Trump authorizes federal agents to protect property and make arrests. Many of these officers are met with resistance from the “mostly peaceful” rioters.

The criminals are getting more creative/cowardly with their means of violence upon officers. High powered lasers are now a popular weapon of these rioters to impair the officers as they are on patrol and during arrests. According White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany 3 officers have been permanently blinded by the lasers. Many of the anarchists shot pellet guns at the officers leaving wounds that went nearly to the bone.

 George Floyd protests in Portland, Oregon | The Raging Patriot

As is standard with the left they are standing on the graves of victims and inciting violence to fulfill their political agenda. A near textbook definition of terrorism. It is no wonder why nearly all of the cities under major stress are the most democratic in the country. You would not see anarchists running rampant in the streets of Cheyenne Wyoming. The left will continue to do what they do best and blame President Trump for the chaos. Press secretary McEnany warned, “The Trump administration will not stand by and allow anarchy in our streets.” It is certain that the Trump administration will continue to arrest these criminals and protect our cities from the woke warriors.