As Democrats Abuse Their Power and Defund the Police, the Second Amendment has Become More Important than Ever Before! Sign this Petition if you want President Trump to sign an Executive Order Reversing all State and Federal Anti-Gun Legislation that Infringe on the Rights of Law-Abiding Citizens!

In recent months, the Democrat party has done everything they can to use the Coronavirus as a means to expand their power and push their agendas. Since the start of the coronavirus, Democrat governors in states like NY, CA, and Michigan have taken away even the most basic liberties of American citizens.

This included their state governments to decide which jobs are ‘esential’ and ‘non-essential’. Furthermore, if you even dared to go back to work, you were seen as dangerous and were threatened with jail time.

In addition to not being able to work for your family, Democrat leaders banned their citizens from going to places like outdoor parks, or even in extreme cases not allowed to buy ‘non-essential items’ such as gardening tools in Michigan.

The initial lockdown was supposed to be 15 days to slow the spread to prevent overflowing our hospitals, not to prevent you from getting the virus in its entirety. However, Democrats couldn’t resist the temptation to exploit this virus to push their agendas such as reducing airline emissions.

Hillary Clinton perhaps summarized the Democrat parties agenda best when she stated the coronavirus would be a “Terrible Crisis To Waste”.

Fast forward to a few months when Republicans are re-opening for work, the Democrats call Americans killers for going back to work. However, once the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Riots began destroying our cities, that was considered totally acceptable by the left. Furthermore, if you did not attend these protests, you are racist.

As these rioters began burning down businesses, cities, looting, beating up innocent people, and even murder, the left has begun calling for the defunding and even dismantlement of the police.

In a time where crime has soared due to Democrat policies, and riots are in every major city in US, the Second Amendment has never been more important. Help fight for our second amendment against the power hungry Democrat party by signing our Raging Patriot Petition below!

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